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Force Recon Association Membership 

Regular Membership Requirements

You are eligible for Membership in the Force Recon Association if you have served in any of the following units:

-Any Force Reconnaissance Company (Regular or Reserve)

-Any Marine Division Reconnaissance Battalion (Regular or Reserve) 

-Amphibious Reconnaissance Units Between 1943-1958

-Test Unit One 

-Special Mission Unit

Note: Only Regular Members have voting rights and are eligible to serve as officers or on the Board of Directors.


 Associate Membership Requirements

Eligibility for Associate Membership is by invitation of the Board Only
Associate Members do not meet the "Regular Membership" requirements; however, 

these individuals have made a significant contribution to the development of, or advancement to, operational procedures or techniques inherent in Force Reconnaissance operations or who made a valuable and unique contribution to either operational Reconnaissance units or to the Association.


Note: Associate Members do not have voting rights and may not serve as officers or on the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

Membership Form

If you would like to continue to mail in your membership form please click the button below to download and mail in. 

New Mailing address is:

P.O. Box 111000

Carrolton, TX 75011

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