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About Us 

The Force Recon Association was formally established on 21 September 1989, as a non-profit fraternal veterans association, in accordance with the provisions of Section 501c19 of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Below is what we do within the Force Recon Association. 


Per the FRA Bylaws as of 9 September 2011:


To develop, foster, and perpetuate the ideals, camaraderie, and professional standards of current and former members of Reconnaissance communities and their antecedent and successor units of the Regular and Reserve establishments of the United States Marine Corps.


To establish and maintain Scholarship and charitable Assistance Funds.  


To promote the history and current importance of the field of Marine Reconnaissance to include our rich heritage of the past to those who serve today.


 To promote fellowship and Esprit de Corps among our members.


The Force Recon Association has been providing scholarships to Reconnaissance Marines, Sailors, and their dependents since its founding in 1989. Each year, the FRA Scholarship Committee reviews and submits for approval of those qualified individuals who have met the FRA scholarship criteria. 

All FRA members, in good standing, and direct family dependents are eligible to participate (member, spouse, children, and grandchildren). Funding for the scholarships is generated from sponsor donations, fundraisers, auctions, and member donations.

Assistance Fund

The FRA Assistance Fund was established in 2012 for the purpose of providing charitable assistance (other than scholarships) to the FRA and active duty Marine Recon communities. All FRA Members in good standing, and dependents are eligible. Requests for assistance are submitted directly to the FRA Board of Directors for review and approval. Financial support has been provided for bereavement, medical, awards, and dedication matters, and dependent support. Funding for the scholarships is generated from sponsor donations, fundraisers, auctions, and member donations.






Annual Events & Activities 

The FRA supports the Recon Challenge with food and beverages along with recognition to the top three teams


We host the FRA Annual Reunion with a formal Memorial dinner, auction, active duty days, and Team Leader of the Year awards. 

Every year we attend the Shot Show to connect with sponsors for fundraising support.




Force Reconnaissance Foundation

The Force Reconnaissance Foundation (FRF) was founded in April 2014, and granted 501c3 on 23 July 2014 by the IRS. As such, the FRF allows for tax-deductible donations made to the Foundation. The mission of the Force Reconnaissance Foundation is to provide charitable support to the Marine Reconnaissance Community and specifically to support the Force Recon Association Charities. 




2022 Financials

Our 2022 Financials are open to show transparency within our organization and foundations. 



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