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Join FRA

You are eligible for a FRA Membership if you have served in any of the following units:

Any Force Reconnaissance Company(Regular or Reserve)

Any Marine Division Reconnaissance Battalion(Regular or Reserve) 

Amphibious Reconnaissance Units Between 1943-1958

Test Unit One 

Special Mission Unit

Note: Only Regular Members have voting rights and are eligible to serve as officers or on the Board of Directors.

Submit 3 References that can verify your service on your application as well as:

Veterans need to submit their DD-214 and/or supporting documents that clearly shows your service with a Reconnaissance Unit  to (with the social security number blacked out) or upload with the button below. 



Active Duty, please indicate status under current units.


Applications will take 3-4 weeks to process and we will notify you. 

Applicants must complete all requested information. The FRA will never disclose applicant’s private information to any other party. Completion of this form does not guarantee FRA Membership. Applicant hereby grants the FRA permission to verify the information provided. 

Upload DD-214
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