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Alan (“Al”) Sniadecki


Alan (“Al”) Sniadecki has served on the FRA Board since 2007 and has served as the organization’s President for the past ten years.  Now living near Dallas, Texas, Al is a native of South Bend, Indiana where he enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1966.  After boot camp, Al was assigned to Communications Training School at MCRD and upon graduation, he was assigned the MOS of 2533:  Radio Telegrapher, and volunteered to join 5th Force Reconnaissance Company at Camp Pendleton where he served until his deployment to Vietnam in November of 1967.  Al returned to CONUS at the end of January 1969 and was released from active duty in February 1969 with the rank of E5. 

 Al went on to earn the MLIR degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Michigan State University and spent his professional career as chief Human Resources officer for several organizations before retiring in 2013.

On a personal note, Al will tell you that what he treasures most in his life are his three adult children and grandchildren,  his life partner, Sara, and his relationship with the Recon Marine Community both former and present. 


“Finally, I thank God for the many graces He has given me and for the Marine Brothers I had the honor to serve alongside”

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