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Robert "Bob" Stockham


Robert (Bob) Stockham was born in Santa Rosa, CA. His family moved to Seattle where he graduated high school in 1966. While in high school he volunteered for Search and Rescue, an Explorer Scout Group sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office.

He joined the Marine Corps in 1966 to avoid the Draft. He finished boot camp in San Diego, ITR at Camp Pendleton before attending Radio Telegraph School and became an 2533. During radio school he volunteered for 5th Force Recon and was accepted after finishing the testing process. He attended jump school and additional training in preparation for replacing Recon Marines who rotated from Vietnam.

In February 1968, after a junk on the bunk and personnel inspection, we were sent to Vietnam with 3 days notice. He ended up at H&S 3/27. After six months, several patrols and Operation Allan Brook, 3/27 was sent home. He was sent to 1st Recon Battalion, then the First Sergeant sent him to 1st Force because He was jump qualified. He traveled with them for over a year and did a total of 20 months in Vietnam.

Next stop was college and eight years as a volunteer Search and Recovery diver for the Sheriff’s Office. He joined the King County Sheriff’s Office and retired as a homicide detective after 20 years. He then married his wife, Rosemary Winquist and they have worked as private investigators for over 30 years. Bob has also vetted FRA applicants for 20 years. He loves to work as it keeps him young.

The most important thing in his life is family.

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