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1 Year New Membership

1 Year New Membership


Veterans need to submit their DD-214 and/or supporting documents that clearly shows your service with a Reconnasiance Unit  to (with the social security number blacked out.)  Active Duty, please indicate status under current units. Applications will take 3-4 weeks to process and we will notify you. 


Autorenewal payment is only available for Renewals. Please look for this option next year. 


 Force Recon Association Membership Dues are the primary source of operating funds to keep the organization afloat and fund the various activities the FRA promotes.


  • Disclosure

    Applicants must complete all requested information. The FRA will never disclose applicant’s private information to any other party. Completion of this form does not gaurantee FRA Membership. Applicant hereby grants the FRA permission to verify the information provided. 

  • Incomplete Applications

    Incomplete applications will be disgarded and funds returned to the sender. 

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