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Paul Barrett


Paul Barrett is a retired businessman who joined the Marines at age 17 (1958) and served in the Ist Recon Bn (USMCR). Following graduation from boot camp at MCRD San Diego (Aug 1958), he completed his advanced infantry training and basic recon indoctrination course at Camp Pendleton. Paul is a Life Member of the 1 st Reconnaissance Battalion Association.


Participation in a MAGTF exercise at 29 Palms (June 1959) inspired Paul to pursue a degree in engineering and apply for the Marine Aviation Cadet program (MARCAD). After returning from active duty, he enrolled at Texas A&M University where he majored in engineering and business. At the end of his freshman year, an ROTC drill team accident involving a rifle toss damaged his right eye so badly that he was unable to apply for the MARCAD program.

After graduation, Paul began a 50 + year professional career within the electrical engineering equipment industry as a technical salesman, manager, corporate executive, and business owner. He became an
active member of the professional engineering society, IEEE where he served on numerous technical committees and on the board of technical conferences. He served as chairman of the IEEE Power Engineering Society (Houston) for 10 years and chairman of the IEEE Committee on Continuing Education for 14 years. He is an Emeritus Committee member of the IEEE Industrial Application Society and a Life Member of IEEE.

Paul met his wife Judy in 1979 when he made an unsuccessful run for a seat in the Texas State Senate.  They have two grown daughters and recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  Paul remains active in local and state Texas politics serving on boards and committees.

Favorite Marine Leadership Quote:    “Character is all those elements that require a person to focus on others rather than himself; to postpone one’s own personal desires until the needs of others have been looked after and satisfied.”    Col. John W. Ripley USMC      FRA Member # 0612   

“All gave some; some gave all”   Howard Osterkamp

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