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Sgt Ernest A. Miller, III
Died: November 16, 1994

In Loving Memory of a Dear Friend

This page is dedicated to the memory of Ernest A. Miller, III. To his friends, he was known as "Bubba". As the picture shows, he was a Sgt. (E-5) in the United States Marine Corps. He was Force Recon and also had the title of a sniper (Don't Try And Run ... You'll Only Die Tired).


On November 16, 1994, a helicopter accident in Okinawa took his life at an early age of 24. While acting as the HeloMaster on a training exercise, the helicopter lost power and crashed into a hillside. He left behind a wife, family, and many friends. He died doing what he loved. He would not have wanted it any other way. He is and will always be greatly missed! My prayers continue to be with his family. This page is not for sorrow or tears. Instead, it is in honor of his life. His memory will always live on in each of us that knew him!

My friend, you will never be forgotten...

Semper Fi --- OOOHRAH!!

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