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Marine Recon Challenge

The Recon Challenge is a grueling competition that involves two-man teams of Marines competing in various demanding events. The challenge typically includes activities such as running over sand and slick rocks, swimming in the surf, and carrying heavy rucksacks. The challenge is known for pushing the teams through some of the most arduous events in the world of Marine reconnaissance, covering a distance of almost 26 miles.

FRA & Marine Recon Challenge

Since the start of the Marine Recon Challenge, the Force Recon Association (FRA) has helped sponsor this event every year as well as attending to support their Brothers. This annual event happens on Camp Pendleton, CA typically in the spring of every year. This year is the 15th Annual Recon Challenge. 


15 Annual
Recon Challenge

Friday 26 April 2024

 Advanced Infantry Training Battalion, SOI (West)

Hosted by Reconnaissance Training Company




26 April 2024 

BRC on Camp Pendleton. Start of the Recon Challenge 


Fuel up for the day with the FRA

The Marine Recon Challenge

The Marine Recon Challenge

Silhouetted palm trees dotted a creeping sunrise to the east, and a waning moon hung in the black sky above the Pacific Ocean at 5 a.m. Friday morning as 22 current and former Reconnaissance Marines stood on the San Onofre Beach shoreline aboard Camp Pendleton, California, waiting to start a grueling day. “Three! Two! One!” a Marine yelled, starting the 2021 Recon Challenge. Competing in two-man teams, the Marines took off over sand and slick rocks, rifles slung across their backs and carrying rucksacks weighing at least 50 pounds. Without hesitation, they waded into the surf, shrinking smaller and smaller until they disappeared in the waves. The 1,000-meter ocean swim was an initial baptism to kick off the 2021 Marine Recon Challenge. Competitors put their strength and endurance to the ultimate test during the punishing, daylong contest. Each Recon Marine wore the name of one of his fallen brothers on his pack, and the Gold Star families of the fallen were on hand to observe the commemorative event throughout the day. They cheered competitors on at several of the challenge’s 10 events and welcomed the Marines at the finish line. Continue reading here: ----------------- #usmc #marines #recon #military #blackriflecoffee #coffeeordie Want to keep up with all the latest stories on Coffee or Die? Go to Make sure to follow Coffee or Die Magazine on social media: Facebook: Instagram: @coffeeordiemag Twitter: @coffeeordie1754 Follow BRCC on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
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