Patrick Zuber


   First Lieutenant Zuber reported to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in 2009 where he deployed as a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander in support of Battalion Landing Team 1/1 on the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). Following the deployment, he filled in as the acting Alpha Company Commander until departing to the Maneuver Captains Career Course (MCCC) in Fort Benning, GA.  Captain Zuber attended MCCC from February 2012 until July 2012.


   In July 2012, Captain Zuber took command of Alpha Company, which was designated as the first Force Reconnaissance Detachment to deploy with the 11th MEU. At the request of the Company Operations Chief, Master Sergeant David Jarvis, Captain Zuber participated in the 7th Annual Reconnaissance Challenge. Prior to running the 7th Annual Recon Challenge, Master Sergeant David Jarvis contacted Alan F. Sniadecki (President of the Force Reconnaissance Association) to determine whom we should run the race for. Alan Sniadecki recommended running the event for a fallen teammate, Corporal Joseph Lyons who was killed in the Summer of 1968. Corporal Lyons had a three-year-old daughter Kimberly when he passed in Vietnam. Having two daughters of his own, Corporal Lyons' story really hit home. As a result, Captain Zuber mailed pictures of his five-year-old McKayla and eight-year-old Adrianna running side-by-side MSgt Jarvis and him. This interaction created a lifelong bond between Captain Zuber and Kimberly Lyons, as they keep Joseph Lyons memory alive.  


   The Reconnaissance Challenge is sponsored by the Force Reconnaissance Association as a time for the Reconnaissance Community to come together and challenge ourselves in the spirit of remembrance and goodwill. It is the only event that brings Reconnaissance Marines together in honor of their fallen brothers.  


   Directly after this event, Captain Zuber joined the Force Reconnaissance Association.  Since then the Force Reconnaissance Association has played a critical role in supporting Gold Star families of the Reconnaissance community and Reconnaissance Marine/Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman in their time of need. 


   Following his deployment on the 11th MEU, Captain Zuber executed orders to Reconnaissance Training Company, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion in July 2015. He served as the Officer in Charge of the Marines Awaiting Reconnaissance Training, Basic Reconnaissance Primer Course, Basic Reconnaissance Course, and Reconnaissance Team Leader Course. In July 2016, Major Zuber became the Company Commander of the Reconnaissance Training Company.


    In the short time Major Zuber was at Reconnaissance Training Company the Force Reconnaissance Association supported the families of Lance Corporal Segovialopez who was shot in Los Angeles after witnessing a car being stolen; Private First Class Gianattasio who died during the conduct of land navigation; and Corporal Romero who had a parachuting accident. 


   From the summer of 2018 to 2019, Major Zuber was stationed in Saudi Arabia as a member of the Marine Force Division, United States Military Training Mission.


   Upon returning from Saudi Arabia, Major Zuber assumed the role of Executive Officer at 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Pendleton, CA where he currently serves.