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6/7/1999   12:57   Ramona   CA 
HMC(DV/PJ)USN,Ret   Chapman,  Stanley   Hm-8492 SOT   1967-1969   Navy   ?   Aug   1958 
1st Recon Bn (Pre-scuba pgm) and 1st Force Recon Co. (Sr. Corpsman) 1967 - 1969
No way to explain to non-Marines but Marines and Corpsmen are closely bonded, particularly in combat. I told a "fleet sailor" once, "No, I'm not a hero but I have walked among them." That's how I feel. My FRAssn.#is 0484(Life). Pax & Semper Fi. Stan

6/6/1999   16:48   Okinawa   JN 
BGEN   Nash,  Gordon   9906   28   None     Jan    
Currently CG 3d Marine Division.
I let my membership in our Association expire several years ago. Pls let me know how I can become a life member. Semper Fidelis, GCNash

6/6/1999   13:25   Cape Charles   Va 
Cpl./E-4   Thornes,  Michael   0351/8651   69/73   MCRD Parris Island   280   Jul   1969 
1st Recon Bn/Delta Co./2nd Plt./2nd team Camp Pendelton:San Mateo/Marine Corp Base:range maintenance Naval Weapons Station Concord/Marine Barracks:secirity/Motor transport NCO

6/5/1999   22:44   wayne   mi 
not in the core   jones,  steve   na   na   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
hey the page is awsome i wanted to join the mariens but did not make it u guys are the best!!! write me back if you like semper fi steve jones

6/5/1999   09:58   Sparta   Mi 
Cpl   Galloway,  Bob   0321/8654   83/87   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
1st recon b co camp talega
25-n-5 and still alive

6/4/1999   09:15   Westbrook   ME 
Cpl   Pelletier,  David   8654, 0311   91/95   MCRD Parris Island   3105   Aug   91 
2nd Force Recon Co. - 1st platoon 1993-1995 Currently accountant at Price Waterhouse Coopers

6/3/1999   11:48   Spokane   WA 
Cpl   Holmes,  Micheal   2531   1964-1968   MCRD Parris Island   3008   Mar   65 
1.NAVCOMTRACEN/PENSACOLA 2. H&S 2/8 3. 1ST PLT D CO 1ST RECON BN RVN 1966-67 (callsign Duckbill) 4. RADIO PLT/ 9TH COMM...29 PALMS
Just thought a Bn. Recon Marine ought to be on the scoreboard here somewhere...And, since the gooks didn't differentiate, I consider us all brothers, at least in spirit if not in training. Gung Ho....MRH

6/3/1999   08:09   Hampton   NH 
Sgt   Maher,  Ray   0311   69/74   MCRD Parris Island   346   May   69 
L/CPL Andre Marcotte KIA 07/01/69 Viet Nam Semper-FI my friend.

6/2/1999   15:45   West Milton   OH 
SGTMAJ   Brunsveld,  Hank   9999/8654     MCRD San Diego     Jan    
I have been looking for good photos or posters of HALO jumpers, freefalling, or standing there rigged up. A poster would be best, anyone seen good ones,like the "Claymore on head" one?

6/2/1999   15:13   Lawrence   KS 
MIDN 3/C   Bartels,  Matt       None     May   02 
Currently an MO at the University of Kansas NROTC unit. Will be commissioned as 2nd Lt. in 05/02. Anticipating MOS to be infantry or intel. Plan to go Recon.

6/1/1999   22:41   Henderson   NV 
Major   Andrews,  James "Kimo"   7501/7563/6708   62-74   None   PLC pr   Jul   63 
VMO-6 ("Klondike") UH1-E gunships: Ky Ha, Phu Bai, Khe Sanh, Quang Tri ('66-'67); 1st ANGLICO, K-Bay; "68-'69; VMA-311 ("Tomcats") A-4's; Danang, '70-'71
My first tour in '66-'67 was spent covering recon teams with air strikes and gunship fire. As an Aviator, it is a high honor to be a Life Member of the FRA. Someday I want/need to meet the men behind the voices I heard so often on the radio.

6/1/1999   21:12   Green Bay   WI 
Cpl   Waeghe,  Mark   0311/0321/8654   79-82   MCRD San Diego   1103   Jan   80 
3rd Recon Bn, Onna Point, "C" company then DRP. 1st Recon Bn, Talega, DRP. Scuba @ NAVSUBTRACENPAC, Jump @ Benning.
It's great seeing some names of and speaking with old team and platoon members. Semper Fi. Boychild.

6/1/1999   18:33   Miami   FL 
LCDR (now) HM1(then)   Suarez,  Orlando "Gunjo"   8404/5345   77-present (82-   Navy   A CO 3   Jan    
At US Southern Command. Sub driver, nuc bubblehead zero since '89 (used to lock out of em now I drive em!). A Co 3rd Recon Bn 82-86 including Beirut in 83.
"Cat" Moriarity, Julio Alvarado, Tommy Nunes, Doc "Lumpy" Lemke, Ransom "Conan" Wensel...you guys out there? I may be 40 and still a squid but bet I can still pt your ----- into the dirt!

6/1/1999   14:34   sacramento   ca 
none yet   blase,  brian   none yet     MCRD San Diego     Jan    
i want to be recon soon. please e mail me so i can talk to you about it and you can give me some info about the indoc.

6/1/1999   04:00   Panmunjom, Korea   na 
1LT   Burch,  William   11A/8654   85/present   MCRD Parris Island   3061   Jun   1990 
US Army-85/90:A/1/27th,25th Inf Div,A/2/20th SFG USMC-90/94: B&D Co, 2d Recon BN, 2d MAR DIV Gulf War, DRP, 3d Recon Bn, Okinawa. US ARMY-96/present: 2-505th PIR, 82d ABN DIV Scouts/UNCSB-JSA, ROK
Being a Recon Marine & Ranger is easy once there, but living the creed & up to standards set down before us was the challenge. Semper Fidelis & Sua Sponte all dual cool fools & triple threats out there.

6/1/1999   03:44   Sparta   Mi 
Cpl.   Galloway,  Bob   0321/8654   83/87   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
1st. Recon bn. B co. camp Talega
Have made contact with a lot of the old Bravo gang. Will pass along info. FRA Member#2225 Bob G.

6/1/1999   00:55   Sebastopol   CA 
cpl.   Trowbridge,  David   2533   63-66   MCRD San Diego   257   Nov   63 
First Force Recon/Camp Del Mar,Okinawa,Da Nang
Thinking of you Randy this Memorial Day. Rest in peace.

5/31/1999   23:09   Costa Mesa   CA 
CIV   Kelly,  Lauren       None     Jan    
I am a civilian Female. I just saw the story on the PJs. I couldn't believe the things they were saying. I did a documentary on First Force Recon during an Indoc. I'd match Force Recon against the PJs ANYDAY! You are loved!

5/30/1999   12:34   Lima, Peru   PE 
Sgt   Jacobs,  Joseph (Crazy Jake)   6332   65/71   MCRD San Diego   183   Oct   65 
Looking for Lt.Col Donald McKeon CO, 1st Recon 8/66 -5/67 Looking for Paul R. Young, author of FIRST RECON -SECOND TO NONE Looking for any member of Team Anti-Freeze, 1st Recon Chu Lai April 67

5/29/1999   19:52   NYC   NY 
LCpl   BAL,  MAR   0321   83-86   MCRD Parris Island   3000   Apr   83 
1st Recon - Camp Talega
Hey Dupuis, Engle, Rowlands, Haley, DeSimone, Galloway, anybody out there? I found Joel Lane

5/29/1999   11:33   Laguna Niguel   Ca 
Ssgt   Torrance,  Steven   0369/0321/8654   86/present   MCRD San Diego   2063   Sep   86 
Atsugi,Japan 86-89;1/9 89-91; MWTC 92-96; 1st Force Recon 96-present

5/29/1999   08:34   Cud Joe Key   Fl 
Sgt   Kendall,  Randy   2531-8651   64-68   MCRD San Diego   370   Oct   64 
Camp Pendelton,Swab,Chu Lai,Horno-Telega D-co 1st Recon Bn-5th Engineers
Still looking for Recon Bns finest that went to Nam 1st in March 66--the old ones must be out there somewhere,so far only 4 found

5/29/1999   01:36   hillsboro   oh 
pfc   morris,  rob   artilliary   2.5   MCRD Parris Island   suppor   Oct   97 
was at C.L. with 1st and 2cd
why havent you signed this yet R.Nauceder, I know that's not how you spell it.

5/27/1999   23:42   camp pendleton   ca 
sgt   herrera,  alejandro   0321/8652   1993/currently   MCRD San Diego   3059   Dec   93 
1st force recon co. 7th comm bn.
looking forward to join.

5/27/1999   19:27   West Tawakoni   TX 
Sgt.   Pressley,  Eric   2533   69/72   MCRD San Diego   3086   Aug   1969 
2nd Force Recon Camp Geiger
Would like to hear from any of the gang from Camp Geiger. Semper Fi

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