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7/6/1999   04:03   Hutchins   Tx 
Ln/Cpl   Cruz,  Tanya     2   MCRD Parris Island     Jun   1985 
I don't remember everything, but I never left Paris Island.

7/5/1999   23:56   canyon country   ca 
cpl   Illg,  Sean   2531   83-88   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
2nd Force 84-88
would like to hear from anyone from 4th plt.shap,van,chris,bobby joe,ray 5 head and anyone else.fall fast pull low,the sun never sets on the cool...

7/5/1999   22:10   summerland key   fl 
gysgt   smith,  richard     54/74   MCRD Parris Island     Aug   1954 
1st mar div, amphious recon, 1954-1957, 3rd mar div recon 1957-1959 1st mar div. recon 1059-1960, military advisor vietnam 1960-1972, retired 1974

7/4/1999   13:08   Pelzer   sc 
sgt E-5   Hicks,  Art   2531   68/70   MCRD Parris Island   191   Aug   1968 
H&S Co and I CO 3/5 RVN 69-70, Force Troops FMFLant, Marine Barracks Brooklyn Navy Yard
Looking for Sgt Charles "Kevin" Power 2531 with 2d Force Recon 8/70 to ?

7/3/1999   14:21   Westland   MI 
Cpl.   Wojnar,  John     71/73   MCRD San Diego     Jul   1971 
3rd Force Recon, Onna Point , 1972

7/2/1999   23:02   Clinton   IA 
CPL   Ottens Jr.,  DuWayne   0311/0321/8652   85-89   MCRD San Diego     Aug   85 
CCo 3rd Recon Nov85-Nov86 2nd Recon Nov86-May89 both B and C Co. RIP/ARS/SERE/JUMP..... Tm in Bco Timilty, Tilton, Green Tierney, Me. Lots more of you guys Id love to hear from. Drop me a line. E4O out!!

7/2/1999   22:00   St. John   Wa 
  Kolb,  Don       None     Jan    
Hi I have a son that just left for Okinawa at Camp Schwab for a year he is really enjoying Recon thank's for the web page very sharp!!

7/2/1999   18:15   Camano Island   WA 
Cpl.   Mervyn,  Alvin   8652   4   MCRD San Diego   215   Feb   1966 
FIfth Force Recon, Camp Delmar California First Force Recon, RVN

7/1/1999   21:43   Ste-Dorothee   PQ 
S/SGT   Prater,  Virgil   0311/0369   57/67   MCRD San Diego   380   Jul   57 
Subic Bay - Marine Guard Company 57-58 Camp Del Mar - 1st Force Recon Company 59-61 FT Meade - National Security Agency 61-67 RVN - 63-64: MAAG 1 Khe Sahn, Dong Bac Ma, Dent de Tigre. 64-65: Phu Bai. 65-66: Saigon 66-67: Phu Bai.
Anybody know the whereabouts of: Robert Analla, Bruce Getchen, Bob Rowen, Arnoldo Moreno, Chris Evert?

7/1/1999   17:25   greenville   nc 
HM2(dv/pj)   Urmann,  Bill   8427   92-96   Navy     Jan    
2nd Force 92-96
Looking for any of my 93-40-MCD,ARS(94-10),or SO-MED(class 1-94) buddys or anyone else who recognizes my name. Does anyone know where Frank (doc) Montano is? I still hang out with Wayne (doc) Matheny if anyone is looking for him. Had alot of great times,

6/30/1999   10:23   Beavercreek   OR 
1stSgt (Ret)   Bello,  Alejandro   0311/8654   77/99   MCRD San Diego   2054   Sep   77 
1st Recon Bn 86-88,MWTC 88-89,El Salvador 89-90, MCSF Co 91-92, 2nd Force 92-95, 1st Force 96, 1st Combat Engineers 96-99.
Great to see that this site is uniting old pals once again. Semper Fi. Para Frogs!

6/30/1999   09:01   Petoskey   Mi 
HM-3   Andrews,  Steve"Doc"     69/70   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
1st Force 69/70
Just checking in. Great site. Looking for DocThomas,Doc Noble. Marines, Stroud, Cpl Marr.Sgt Morin, "Corky" Coleman "Slim" Harrington. Proud to have served with so many fine Marines...SF

6/30/1999   02:20   Lowell   AR 
E-5   Young,  Lonnie   0311   1968 / 1978   MCRD San Diego   3064   Nov   1968 
1969 C 1/4 3rdMar,Div Viet Nam / MCSC Barstow Calif,MP's 1970 Marine BKS,Pearl Harbor Hawaii Brige 1970 to73 ,B 1/5 & H&S MT,
I am looking for a James Buxton He was with 3rd Force Recon and he was from LA I know that he made it back from Nam

6/29/1999   11:58   encinitas   ca 
sgt   robert,  garcia   0342   66-69   MCRD San Diego     Jun   66 
1st force 66-67
trying to contact Col. (ret) Finlayson, living in Raleigh NC last I knew. Team leader "killer Kane" 66-67 Any help apprecaited.

6/25/1999   13:51   Benton, Route#11   AR 
MasterGunnerySgt   Stewart,  Ronald A.   0299   53-76   MCRD San Diego   216   May   1955 
MarDet/USS Lexington(CVA-16); ReconCo/HqBn/1stMarDiv; Chief Scout/S2/9thMar/3dMarDiv; ReconCo/HqBn/3dMarDiv; A/ReconBn/3dMarDiv.
"Creeping & crawling; snooping & drooping; no bitching nor bawling; just keep hanging & hauling." Goodnight, wherever you are...!

6/25/1999   11:27   Newport Beach   CA 
CPL   Gonzalez,  Kevin     84-88   MCRD San Diego   3082   Nov   84 
Served 2d Recon Bn, Onslow Beach (84-87), then 2d Force Recon Co, French Creek (87-88). AKA - "GONZO"
Just curious to hear from anyone I served with. I've kept in contact with a few people from both units. Send a note sometime. Life has been good!

6/25/1999   01:40   Carlsbad   CA 
SSGT   Schindler ,  Rick   8654/0369   Present   MCRD San Diego   1087   Oct   87 
Barracks duty Keflivik Iceland/ 3bn 7thMAR/ Gulf War with 3/7, !st Force Recon/ DI Duty MCRD San Diego/ !st Force Recon to present day!!!!!!
Link Forever Those Who Serve Together

6/24/1999   22:47   Sparta   MI 
Cpl.   Galloway,  Bob   0311/0321/8654   83\87   MCRD San Diego   2039   Apr   83 

6/23/1999   08:00   waynesville   nc 
CPL   Entwistle,  jay   0311/8654   83/88   MCRD Parris Island     Oct   83 
84/86 bco 3rd recon bn,86/88 bco 1st recon bn
drive on para-frogs

6/21/1999   07:27   New Castle   De 
SSgt.   Sowers,  Frederick   2531/8651   68/71   MCRD Parris Island   211   Feb   68 
3rd Force Recon 3rd Recon Bn. 1/2 Marines 2/6 Marines

6/20/1999   18:03   http://www.cerfnet.com/~diverkh   CA 
(Former Sgt)   Hamilton,  Robert Keith   0311/8654   1985-1993   MCRD San Diego   2113   Jan   86 
3rd Recon BN-Bco 1st Plt apr86-apr87(Dickey Brcks-Schwab), 1st Recon Bn apr87(Talaga)-(Desert Shield/Storm on a Motor Cycle)-jul92(Dco 3rd Plt float of 92;Been There, Done That!-Last Active unit in 1st Recon Bn!), 1st Recon Regt-1st Marines jul92-nov93.
I can honestly say that I served with the best. While this is no means complete...Cpl Leister, Cpl Safrit, Sgt Ellison, Sgt Langdon, Cpl Fmura, SSGT Hakala, Cpl Stamper, Cpl Pressler, Sgt Geissler, Doc Leland(RIP) Can't Bend Steel, Psycho or Die.

6/19/1999   21:26   Kailua   HI 
Sgt.   Tablada III,  Jose (Pepe)   0321/8654   94/present   MCRD San Diego     Mar   94 
MSgt (Insane Wayne) Prebor will be retiring at the end of June, 1999. He is currently the Ops Chief for MarForPac here in Hawaii. With 25+ years in the Corps, two tours as an ARS instructor, and mostly 3rd Recon Bn. Please feel free to contact me for m

6/17/1999   10:26   Anoka   MN 
Major   Bennett,  Norman   1542   71/93   Army     Aug    
I am a retired Army Reserve Major, Branch - Artillery. My time within the Special Operations Community was in Army PsyOps units. My highest assignment was as the Operations and Training Officer with the 360th PsyOps BN (Consol).
Nice website! Easy to access information.

6/15/1999   19:18   gurnee   IL 
GySgt   crane,  james   2861   64/80   MCRD San Diego   126   Jun   1964 
3rdMarReg(HqCo) 1stMarDiv(1/26) 2ndMarDiv(3/8)
Semper Fi!!

6/14/1999   15:54   Glendora   CA 
E-3   Poole,  Jim   0311   69/75   MCRD San Diego   1180   Jan    
4th Force Recon San Bernardino, CA

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