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6/13/1999   20:04   oceanside   CA 

6/13/1999   18:38   columbus   oh 
lcpl.   Shuey,  Ian   0311/0321   1988-1992   MCRD Parris Island     Feb   1989 
Delta Co, 3rd Recon, Okinawa, Japan from early 1989- late 1991.
Any marines from D Co, 3rd Recon from 1989-1991, please e-mail me and say whats up.

6/13/1999   13:45   Clarksville   TN 
Sgt.   Garcia,  Lonnie   0331   93/97   MCRD San Diego   WPNS   Jun   1993 
MCSF NAS North Island 94/96. 2/7 Fox Co. 96/97 4th Recon D Co. 97/98. 1/502 C Co. 98/Present.
Stay Marine.

6/11/1999   22:43   Atlanta   GA 
  Armstrong,  Laura       None     Jan    
When I married Lt. Rich Armstrong, I never knew I'd care enough to surf your site! Thanks to you all for jobs well done and vicarious thrills. Have you guys dried out yet?

6/10/1999   20:50   Green Bay   WI 
Sgt.   Benjamin,  Steve   0311/8653   67/70   MCRD San Diego   136   Apr   1967 
1967- M16 Test Group Ft.Sherman Panama 1967- Jump Sch. Ft. Benning Ga. 67-68 Bravo 5th Recon Camp Pendelton 68-70 1st Recon DaNang RVN
Served with the finest, would do it again in a heartbeat. (Page Avenue - Grim Reaper) OOORAAH! In memorey of fellow Marines and friends lost.

6/10/1999   11:23   Pontiac   IL 
PFC   Smith,  James   3111   63/67   MCRD Parris Island   302   Mar   1963 
Cherry Point NC with FLSG

6/10/1999   03:05   Mt. Olivet   Ky 
Sgt.   Jestice,  Duane   2533/8654   4   MCRD San Diego   ?   Jan   67 
5th Force- Del Mar Ist recon batt Freedom Hill Da Nang

6/9/1999   21:49   san juan capo   ca 
sgt   payton,  robert   1461   1951-1959   MCRD San Diego   24   Oct   1951 
Quantico, VA - water combat instructor Newfoundland - guard detachment Korea - 1st Bat 1st Mar Div Camp Pendleton, CA - ITR weapons instructor Camp Geiger, NC - 2nd force recon

6/9/1999   12:52   Commack   NY 
E-4   Zorn,  Joe   0351   1966-1969   MCRD Parris Island   2076   Oct   1966 
Nam-1967-1968 C. Co. 1/1 1 Mar. Div. 2 Plt.

6/8/1999   19:55   plainfield   il 
Corp. E-4   McBain,  Bruce   0331   1958-1961   MCRD San Diego   263   Oct   1958 
mcrd 10/58,1 Mar.Div., 7th mar.Foxtrot Co.,11/58- 4/59, Regt'l Hq. 7th,4/59-1/60,1st Mar.Div. 1st Bat.A Co. Team A Force Recon,1/60-7/61. "Death from Above'' Swift, Silent and Deadly. 1st Force Recon Special Forces

6/8/1999   19:31   cherry point   nc 
lcpl   tilley,  adam   6386   2,so far   MCRD Parris Island   3096   Nov   1997 
stationed at cherry point nc with marine electronic warfare squadron four.

6/7/1999   22:01   defuniak spgs.   fl 
cpl.   markus,  don   0311/8651   60/64   MCRD Parris Island   372   Sep   1960 
2bn.3rd.mar.3rd.mar.div. 2nd.force recon co.f.m.f. lant.
just checking site would like to hear from anyone who served in 2nd. Force 62/64.

6/7/1999   16:16   Gresham   OR 
HM2   "Jew,  Boy"(EOD)   8404/5309   87-97   Navy   73   Jun   88 
3rd MARDIV/FMF 3rd RECON BN B Co.(Force Element) 2nd Platoon(DRP/DAP) Team 3
Looking for:"Sunny","Dawg","Fast Eddy","Rojo","JimmyD","Gentelman Jim","Turkinator"aka."Twinkie","Freebase","BamBam","Sunshine","GED Monkey","Baby Huey",and that non pushup do'in Jeff"The Guinea"Ehrich. This is "JEW BOY"!

6/7/1999   12:57   Ramona   CA 
HMC(DV/PJ)USN,Ret   Chapman,  Stanley   Hm-8492 SOT   1967-1969   Navy   ?   Aug   1958 
1st Recon Bn (Pre-scuba pgm) and 1st Force Recon Co. (Sr. Corpsman) 1967 - 1969
No way to explain to non-Marines but Marines and Corpsmen are closely bonded, particularly in combat. I told a "fleet sailor" once, "No, I'm not a hero but I have walked among them." That's how I feel. My FRAssn.#is 0484(Life). Pax & Semper Fi. Stan

6/6/1999   16:48   Okinawa   JN 
BGEN   Nash,  Gordon   9906   28   None     Jan    
Currently CG 3d Marine Division.
I let my membership in our Association expire several years ago. Pls let me know how I can become a life member. Semper Fidelis, GCNash

6/6/1999   13:25   Cape Charles   Va 
Cpl./E-4   Thornes,  Michael   0351/8651   69/73   MCRD Parris Island   280   Jul   1969 
1st Recon Bn/Delta Co./2nd Plt./2nd team Camp Pendelton:San Mateo/Marine Corp Base:range maintenance Naval Weapons Station Concord/Marine Barracks:secirity/Motor transport NCO

6/5/1999   22:44   wayne   mi 
not in the core   jones,  steve   na   na   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
hey the page is awsome i wanted to join the mariens but did not make it u guys are the best!!! write me back if you like semper fi steve jones

6/5/1999   09:58   Sparta   Mi 
Cpl   Galloway,  Bob   0321/8654   83/87   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
1st recon b co camp talega
25-n-5 and still alive

6/4/1999   09:15   Westbrook   ME 
Cpl   Pelletier,  David   8654, 0311   91/95   MCRD Parris Island   3105   Aug   91 
2nd Force Recon Co. - 1st platoon 1993-1995 Currently accountant at Price Waterhouse Coopers

6/3/1999   11:48   Spokane   WA 
Cpl   Holmes,  Micheal   2531   1964-1968   MCRD Parris Island   3008   Mar   65 
1.NAVCOMTRACEN/PENSACOLA 2. H&S 2/8 3. 1ST PLT D CO 1ST RECON BN RVN 1966-67 (callsign Duckbill) 4. RADIO PLT/ 9TH COMM...29 PALMS
Just thought a Bn. Recon Marine ought to be on the scoreboard here somewhere...And, since the gooks didn't differentiate, I consider us all brothers, at least in spirit if not in training. Gung Ho....MRH

6/3/1999   08:09   Hampton   NH 
Sgt   Maher,  Ray   0311   69/74   MCRD Parris Island   346   May   69 
L/CPL Andre Marcotte KIA 07/01/69 Viet Nam Semper-FI my friend.

6/2/1999   15:45   West Milton   OH 
SGTMAJ   Brunsveld,  Hank   9999/8654     MCRD San Diego     Jan    
I have been looking for good photos or posters of HALO jumpers, freefalling, or standing there rigged up. A poster would be best, anyone seen good ones,like the "Claymore on head" one?

6/2/1999   15:13   Lawrence   KS 
MIDN 3/C   Bartels,  Matt       None     May   02 
Currently an MO at the University of Kansas NROTC unit. Will be commissioned as 2nd Lt. in 05/02. Anticipating MOS to be infantry or intel. Plan to go Recon.

6/1/1999   22:41   Henderson   NV 
Major   Andrews,  James "Kimo"   7501/7563/6708   62-74   None   PLC pr   Jul   63 
VMO-6 ("Klondike") UH1-E gunships: Ky Ha, Phu Bai, Khe Sanh, Quang Tri ('66-'67); 1st ANGLICO, K-Bay; "68-'69; VMA-311 ("Tomcats") A-4's; Danang, '70-'71
My first tour in '66-'67 was spent covering recon teams with air strikes and gunship fire. As an Aviator, it is a high honor to be a Life Member of the FRA. Someday I want/need to meet the men behind the voices I heard so often on the radio.

6/1/1999   21:12   Green Bay   WI 
Cpl   Waeghe,  Mark   0311/0321/8654   79-82   MCRD San Diego   1103   Jan   80 
3rd Recon Bn, Onna Point, "C" company then DRP. 1st Recon Bn, Talega, DRP. Scuba @ NAVSUBTRACENPAC, Jump @ Benning.
It's great seeing some names of and speaking with old team and platoon members. Semper Fi. Boychild.

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