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11/22/2009   14:07   Winlock   WA 
GYSGT   Endicott,  Michael   8654/0369   83-98   MCRD San Diego   3083   Aug   83 
Aco 1st Recon Bn 84/85,MSG BN 85/87 Aco 3d Recon 88/92 2D Force Recon Co 92/95, Dutch Marine Exchange 95/98
Alive and well in sunny Seattle, "Fighting fire and saving lives" with the warriors of Ladder 8, Fire Station 18, Seattle Fire Department.

11/19/2009   19:52   Beaumont   TX 
E-4   Shepherd,  Marc     4   Air Force     Jun   1983 
Greenland, Azores, Oklalhoma
Great site. Really learned a lot about Force Recon and have a great deal of respect for those men. My 13 year old son has his heart set on West Point and then applying for Force Recon. I could only be too proud. Thanks for the site.

11/19/2009   17:39   riverside   nj 
SGT   fuson,  Ace   0311-0321   76-77   MCRD Parris Island   215   Mar   76 
2nd Recon bn camp Lejeune NC
I was a member of FRA in 2000 I lost my ID # I would like to reup my membership tell me how?

11/16/2009   01:41   Groton   NY 
  Scaglione,  Frank       None     Jan    
Grew up knowing the Graves family. I have the utmost respect for them . Very upstanding citizens . I wish I had met Lt. Graves !

11/9/2009   22:11   Troy   Il 
GySgt   Finley,  Mike   03/0451   79/99   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
Where the Corps sent me!
Happy Birthday Marines! God Bless your service in our Corps

10/31/2009   08:15   South Daytona   Fl 
Cpl E4   Starling,  Family of   2561   59/63   MCRD Parris Island   207   Apr   1959 
Camp Koza, Okinawa MCAF New River, Jax, N.C.
Our thoughts and prayers to the family of MSgt Troy Mitchell...Parents of SSgt Jeffrey R. Starling, South Daytona, Florida... Rest in Peace, Troy...

10/30/2009   11:30   Oviedo   Fl 
GySgt   Moose ,  Paul   8654   82-02   MCRD Parris Island     Jan    
To our fallen brother, Troy Mitchell, Rest in Peace. Semper Fi.

10/30/2009   10:22   Oceanside   Ca 
SgtMaj   Lucas,  James   8999   1981- Present   MCRD Parris Island   3086   Dec   1981 
Grunts, Recon, Civilian, Recon, Grunts, Recon, Civilian, Recon, MCRDPI, Recon, I&I, Grunts, Squadron,
"Generation Kill was junior varsity over dramtized adolescent fantasy" - Me, SNCOIC Lucky Truck 7, and Bn. Watch Officer.

10/29/2009   10:03   South Daytona   Fl 
Cpl E4   Starling,  Family of   2561   59/63   MCRD Parris Island   207   Apr   1959 
Camp Koza, Okinawa 3rd Pioneer Bn. MCAF New River, Jax, N.C.
How many knew SSGT Jeffrey R. Starling? We are the parents of Jeff, and would like very much to correspond with you.... Semper Fi The Starlings of South Daytona...

10/26/2009   14:32   Thomasville   NC 
HM2   DEAL,  John   8404   1983/1995   Navy     Jan    
Last Duty Station: 1st Scout/Snipers (Recon Company), 1st Tank Bn. MCAGCC, 29 Palms, Cali.
To my band of Brothers...you are all Heroes. Thanks for doin the deed.

10/25/2009   12:04   Oceanside   ca 
SgtMajor   Lucas,  James   8999 / 0321   81-present   MCRD Parris Island   3086   Dec   1981 
3/4, 2nd recon, 3rd recon, 1/1, 1st Force, 1st Recon Co, MCRDPI, 1st Recon, 1/4, HMH 465, HMH 462
Hey Johnny,remember you at 2nd Recon as a PVT, and you breakin your leg at 1st Force..whhaaaa..now look at us..what have we become? Johnney, your da man.

10/18/2009   22:31   Granite Falls   WA 
Cpl.   Green,  R. E.   1371   91/98   MCRD San Diego   3054   Sep   1991 
Great site. Nuff said.

10/9/2009   07:11   Washington   DC 
MSgt   Ramsey,  Chad   0321/0326   19+   MCRD San Diego   2018   May   1990 
Delta Co. 1st Recon Bn 90-92, Recon Co. 5th Marines 92-93,Division Recon Co. 93-96, VSW Det Coronado 96-99, Recruiter 99-02, 2nd Force Co. 02-03,2nd Recon Bn 03-08, PP&O HQMC 08-present
Please keep our brethren in mind that have gone before us, and those that are currently engaged with the enemy daily..

10/2/2009   09:15   Jasper   Al 
  Rouse,  Edward       MCRD San Diego     Jan    
Proud son of a former MARINE.
My father(who is still with us)was in the CORP and trained to be a D.I. My uncle retired from the Corp as a gunny after 2 tours in Vietnam.I commend each and every soldier for the patriotism they give for our freedom.Thank you

10/1/2009   17:19   Oceanside   Ca 
MSgt   Garcia,  Robert   0699   86/08   MCRD San Diego     Jun   1986 
1st Recon Bn 87-92 1st Force Recon Co. 97-02 BRC instructor 02-06 1st Recon Bn 06-08
Recon communicators, far and few.

9/23/2009   16:08   APPLETON   WI 
Sgt. E-5   JAMES,  DAVID   0321   8   MCRD San Diego   I   Jan   1985 

9/12/2009   18:54   Skokie   IL 
Poolee   Soulakian,  Chrissy   0231     None     Jan    
Semper Fi Devil Dogs, thanks for your service.

9/8/2009   11:17   Riesel   TX 
Sgt/ E-5   Sprague,  John   0311/0321   83/90   MCRD Parris Island   2092   Dec   1983 
3rd Recon Bn. Bravo II 2nd Recon Bn. Bravo Co. 2nd Force Recon Co.
Bravo II it was a pleasure to have worked with you all. We were the SHIT!

8/31/2009   20:50   Murrieta   Ca 
E-5   Merrylees,  Chris   2531   88/96   MCRD San Diego   2041   Jul   1988 
3rd ANGLICO, Long Beach, Ca.
FRA#3104A. Served w/ 3rd ANGLICO, 1st SRIG, During Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm....

8/31/2009   04:10   Yuma   AZ 
MSgt   Coleman,  Michael   0321   88-present   MCRD San Diego   1093   Aug   88 
3rd Recon Bn 89-92,2d Force 92-99, VSW 99-02,2d Force 02-06, Military Freefall Instructor Yuma 06-present
Whats everyone long time no see this is your Boy C-Notes lookin to get back in contact with old friends whome i served with in combat, training, and juxt getting our PT on.. I miss this site and glad to be back call me 928 920-2532

8/25/2009   07:34   Harwood   MD 
Sgt   Gasper,  Arnold   2533     MCRD San Diego     Dec   1968 
"A" Co, 1st Recon Bn 6/69 to 9/70 2nd Force Recon Co, 10/70 to 5/75 2nd Amtrac Bn, 5/75 to 5/77
Forgot to leave my contact information on the message below. Oh well, they say the memory is the first thing to go.

8/24/2009   19:25   South Amboy   NJ 
Cpl.   Mullane,  Larry   0341/8653   67/70   MCRD Parris Island   193   Aug   1967 
Echo Co. 3rd Recon Bn. 12/67 to 9/69. 2Bn 6th Marines 10/69 to 4/70
Looking for boot camp buddies and fellow Recon Marines, Steve Rainey, Bob Paramore and Stan Grodski. All three served with 1st Recon. RVN

8/24/2009   10:00   Nashville   TN 
Sgt   Leick,  David   0311/0321/8654/8541   86/91   MCRD San Diego   3109   Dec   1986 
I was with the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion - Charlie Company from ''87 to ''89 and then was with 1st Platoon, Bravo Company from ''89 to ''91. Camp Schwab, Okinawa.
Lookin'' for some guys from that late 80''s, early 90''s era - you know who you are. The Rage is talking about a 3rd Recon reunion in Virginia Beach - April, 2010. Responses will help so we can get in touch with people.

8/23/2009   23:56   Washington   dc 
E-5   ROSCHE,  PWR   0321   00/08   MCRD Parris Island   2018   Jan   2000 
Camp Pendlton, 1st Recon Bln.
Always faith full to my brothers.

8/23/2009   09:13   Harwood   MD 
Sgt   Gasper,  Arnold   2533/8652/0831   9/68 to 5/77   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
"A" Co, 1st Recon Bn 6/69 to 9/70 2nd Force Recon Co, 10/70 to 5/75 2nd Amtrac Bn, 5/75 to 5/77
Checking in and trying to find those I know like: Kirkbride, Sheppleman, St Pierre, Richardson, Brock, Matias, Santiago, Monreal, Jeffrey Smith, Fagan, Buchan, "Cap" Miller, Foley, Johns, Hargrave, Stewart, Wade, Harley, Pharris, Roberson, McNealy

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