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12/25/2000   17:30   Mooresville   NC 
CWO   Warren,  Richard   100B   69/70   Army   Mustan   Jan    
I flew a UH-1C Huey gunship with the 68th AHC, flying out of Bien Hoa.
i own a coffee shop in Mooresville, NC. Telephone # 1-704-663 2374. A former Marine brought in a NC State Flag that had been signed by members of a Marine Recon Unit serving near the DMZ in 68 or 69. I would like to share some of the names that were sign

12/25/2000   01:43   Tacoma   Wa 
PFC   Mazurkiewics,  Albert   11 Bravo   1   Army   1st   Jun   2000 
1st Plt. 2nd btn.75th regt. Fort Lewis, Washington

12/24/2000   06:12   San Antonio   tx 
Sgt   AVILEZ,  Gilbert   0311/0321   86/98   MCRD San Diego   1073   Oct   1987 
A Co. 4th Recon Bn. San Antonio, Texas Fort Sam. Recruiter Aide RSS South Park, S.A. Texas. Soto Cano Air Base, Puerto Castilla, Hunduras.
Looking for Ssgt Sanchez Recruiter from South Park. Was suppose to retire to Del Rio or Eagle Pass, Tx to become a high school football coach.

12/23/2000   12:51   Canby   OR 
1stSgt (Ret.)   Bello,  Alex   0369/8654   77/99   MCRD San Diego   2057   Sep   1977 
1st Recon Bn, 2nd Force, 1st Force.
Anyone know Jim Lawrence's (former Recon Marine)email/phone? I just read in the Oregonian newspaper, that Jim was involved in a shooting in Portland,while performing his duties as a police officer. Give him a call for support. S/F

12/21/2000   23:05   HOUSTON   TX 
Sergeant   Winn,  John   0311/0321/8654   Nov86/Nov94   MCRD San Diego   2115   Jan   1987 
1st Force Recon Co. Fr:87 to 92 Camp Pend w/2nd Plt, Del Mar, 3rd Force Det Recon Okinawa Fr:92 to 93 Team Leader. 1st Force Recon Co. Fr:93 to 94 It has been my greatest honor! Semper Fi! RECON!!!

12/20/2000   22:18   Riverside   RI 
Sergeant   Viveiros,  Michael   2841/2531   1978/1982   MCRD Parris Island   1053   Sep   1978 
29 Palms Oct 78 / Dec 79 2d maint battalion Jan 80 / Dec 80 2d Force Recon Co French Creek Jan 81 / Sep 82 19 th Special Forces Group 83 / 85
Looking to hear from Top Shiflet , Ricky Lohman , Rick Delio , Harry Goulas , Bob Close , Salt , Matt Hurst, or any of the other trailer dwellers

12/20/2000   21:48   Red Lion   Pa 
LtCol   Pete, Jr.,  Guy   0302   60/84   MCRD San Diego   148   Oct   60 
Like to hear from 3rd Force 1967-68 Marines

12/20/2000   18:51   BREAUX BRIDGE   LA 
SSGT.   POTTER,  MICHAEL   0311   10   MCRD San Diego   2059   Jul   1984 

12/20/2000   02:28   Austin   Tx 
E-5   Davis,  Druwid   0321   90/00   MCRD San Diego   1168   Jan   1990 
v 1/4 1plt 2nd sqd boats 93 made indoc assn 3rd force recon camp foster okinawa japan .
just wanted to say thanks you gents make all of us very proud ...

12/19/2000   12:38   Milwaukee   WI 
Cpl E-4   Deja,  Steve   2533   59/63   MCRD San Diego   367   Nov   1959 
MASS-3 El Toro, `60 - 1st Recon Bn Camps Horno and Del Mar, `60 - `63.
To all those sailors who joined the Navy to see the world and ended up in a Marine grunt unit, "THANKS, DOC." 'Once more into the breech was not a problem for these fine men. A Marine salutes your HONOR.'

12/18/2000   21:57   Raymond   Ms 
Cpl   Daniel ,  John   0352/0811   87-91   MCRD Parris Island   20??   May   1987 
HqCo 6th Marines 2dMarDiv Camp LeJeune, Camp Geiger, Saudi Arabia(above stated Plt&Graduation month I cannot recall)
That intro photograph TURNED ME SOOO ON. Isn't that the building at the entrance? The one across from the Chapel? Semper Fi...Semper freakin' FI.

12/18/2000   21:18   Houston   Tx 
cpl   Autenreith,  John   0331/0321/8654   90/95   MCRD San Diego   1018   Feb   90 
Bco 3rd Recon Bn, 3rd Recon Co.
Have not posted in a while too many people to go through. If you know Mark Corwin or myself, drop me a line. Semper Fi.

12/16/2000   19:54   Mooresville   NC 
S/SG   Ethridge,  Brian   0311/2553   80-90   MCRD Parris Island   5th   Nov   90 

12/16/2000   18:22   Rockville   Md 
PLC-summer 01   Lyons,  Clint       None     Jan    
To the people who have made this site possible thanks a lot. This has helped with so much information. If all goes as planned I'll be able to be a part of the FRA. Sincerely, Clint Lyons

12/16/2000   12:47   Briarwood (Queens)   NY 
CPL   BOGDAN,  WOJCIECH   0352   97-present   MCRD Parris Island   3095   Oct   1997 
Heavy-WPNS PLT,WPNS CO. 3rd Battalion/3rd MARINES, CLNC, MCBH, OKI,

12/12/2000   17:07   Mount pleasant   Pa 
Cpl   Gamrat,  Ray   2875   1981/1985   MCRD Parris Island   1062   Jul   1981 

12/12/2000   14:14   Suunyvale   CA 
Marine Brat E-7   Gold,  Mike   Brat   50/70   MCRD San Diego     Jun   1950 
Born - NWTS China Lake Ca. 6-3-50 1st.Div. USMSCR Diego CA. 1955-1957 Camp Penaton Ca. 1957-1964 USMCSD Barstow Ca. 1964-1967
Dad's S.N. 329674 GOOD LUCK Semper Fi

12/11/2000   20:26   glenwood springs   co 
none   velasquez,  jake   none   none   None   none   Jan    
i am sorry that i am not in the USMC sirs but soon as i graduatue high school i will be

12/11/2000   09:49   West Milton   Oh 
SgtMajor   Brunsveld,  Henk   0369/8654   76/2000   None     Jan    
Alpha 1st Recon, Talaga 80-82, Instr. Coronado (84-86), Alpha 3rd Recon Hawaii 86-89, 2d Force 5th & 6th PLt with 24th MEU. The guy on the SPIE rig picture.
Fellow Marines and 8654 comrades, Bruno is retired. I'm in Ohio, if you need a harbor site.

12/10/2000   17:29   Virginia Beach   VA 
  Senna,  Tom       None     Jan    
Hoorah all you Recon. Marines! If you have some information on Force Recon please send me some. I am contemplating becoming an Army Ranger so I need some info. to make up my mind. Semper Fi

12/10/2000   09:54   willis   tx 
pfc   speer,  blake   0311   1   MCRD San Diego   1030   Mar   2000 
i am ststioned at Camp Pendelton Ca and i am currently 1st battioln 5th Marines Bco 2ndplt and we are at the 62 are known as San Mateo.
we are on i our way to Japan in Jan. i am hopeing when we get back i will be able to go out for Recon

12/9/2000   20:35   Honolulu   HI 
Sgt   HAUGHT,  TIM   0351/0321/8652/5711/8411   1979-1987   MCRD Parris Island   1071   Nov   1979 
3d Recon "C" Co. 1/80-1/81, Onna Pt. 1st Recon "B" Co. 2/81-10/81, H&S Co. 10/81-4/83, Talega. I'm still in the field.
Jefferson Davis Steagal and I were on the same team in 1980. News of his death has saddened me. He was hard and fast. Semper Fi - Black Heart.

12/8/2000   15:19   Philadelphia   PA 
SGT   Victor,  Benjamin   8652/0321/8535/0352   95-99   MCRD Parris Island   2005   Aug   95 
3/2 and 2D RECON
What's up to anyone from "snakebite" DELTA VIC K

12/8/2000   10:42   Anaheim   Ca 
Sgt   Rachal,  Darrell   0351   8   MCRD San Diego   2085   Sep   91 
Camp Pendleton,Ca 2/9 and 2/4.
I have never served in Force Recon but was in STA Plt in 2/4 So I can truly respect Force Recon. Although I did work with DAP( Direct Action Plt). Semper Fi

12/7/2000   22:42   Dallas   TX 
Gunnery Sergeant   Allen,  J.C.   0369/8511/8654   1965-1977   MCRD San Diego   259   Oct   1965 
1965-1967 RVN 4th Marines A 1/4 & G 2/4 1968-1971 Drill Instructor MCRD San Diego RTR 1971-1972 2nd Force Reconnaissance Co. CamLej NC 1972-1973 1st Force Reconnaissance Co III MAF 1973-1975 NROTC Oregon State University
It is said that the change is forever. It indeed is! The life long pride of having served as a United State Marine.

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