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1/27/2001   15:34   Durango   CO 
SGT.   Wells,  Jim   2531/0321   90/95   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
7th and 4th. Platoons 1st.FORECON
Looking for T. Parker, Woody, Grandpa and the GENERAL. My adrress is, USINS/DOJ, ATT: Special Agent Wells/QRT/ASU. P.O box 5273, Durango, CO 81301.

1/26/2001   20:27   Albany   NY 
Cpl.   Scaringe,  Tom   0311   1968-1970   MCRD Parris Island   295   Sep   68 
5th Force Recon, Camp Pendleton, Mike 3/7 and 1st Force Recon RVN
Looking for one former Recon Marine. Preferable a Viet Nam veteran. To complete a four man team of Viet Nam veteran Recon Marines. Check out the website: Combatmissions.com - and if interested e-mail me.

1/26/2001   15:02   Lorain   OH 
SGT.   Pierce,  Howard   0311   74/76   MCRD Parris Island   275   Nov   1974 
2nd Recon Onslow Beach Camp Lejune
It's great to see something like this. I only felt truly safe with my Brothers. If anyone can help me out locating anyone on Onslow Beach before I left in March of 76 please help me. A former Recon Howard I'm not an ex Marine. I'm a former Marine!!!

1/26/2001   08:15   green   WV 
none yet   Chancey,  Wes   Infantry   2001   MCRD Parris Island     Jan    
Im not in the Marine Corps yet but im going to boo camp June 10 2001. I signed up for infantry and the for Force Recon. My E-Mail is listed above and I would appreciate and suggestions anyone would have on how to prepare myself for training. I know im

1/26/2001   07:44   Chicago   IN 
Cpl   Roberts,  Charles   2575/2571/2531   60/66   MCRD San Diego   373   Dec   1960 
1st Force Recon; Special Intelligence Team 2; 1st Composite Radio Company, 1st Radio Battalion.

1/25/2001   21:15   Huntsville   AL 
Cpl   Lee,  Tom   0321/0311   99/pres   MCRD Parris Island   3038   Apr   99 
Okinawa, 3rd Recon Bn Bravo2. Good luck at 1st Chris.

1/25/2001   17:49   aulburn   ga 
none   filyaw,  sean   none   none   None   none   Jan   none 
the marines rule all other branches suck

1/24/2001   20:35   Bethlehem   PA 
CPL   Grunwald,  Clifford   3531/9962   1986/1991   MCRD Parris Island   1st   Aug   1986 
Camp Lejeune,NC 2nd Force Recon Company 2nd SRI Group
I was primary truck driver for 2nd Force Recon Company with a secondary MOS of parachutist.

1/24/2001   13:31   Red Lodge   mt 
cpl   Ransdell,  jim     1968-1970   MCRD San Diego   2250   Mar   1969 
3d Force Recon Co @ Phu Bai 69-70 1st Force Recon Co @ Marble Mountain 1970, like to hear from same

1/23/2001   14:31   pasadena   ca 
  brown,  richard       None     Jan    
this is a great website keep up the good work thanx

1/21/2001   22:29   Santa Clara   Ca 
lc/pl   BEARD,  MIKE   0311/0321   1989-1992   MCRD San Diego   2100   Dec   1988 
I am in touch with Cpl Linn from 2nd Force. If you need his Phone or e-mail contact me at my e-mail address. I served with 3rd Recon Bn 1989-91 1st Recon Bn 1991-92. My cell is 408-313-0639. Semper Fi to former and current Recon Marines!

1/19/2001   23:54   Ft. Bragg   NC 
CPT   Manley,  Rob   0321/8654   86/present   MCRD Parris Island   3098   Dec   1986 
CPT Manley, Army (Formerly SGT Manley, USMC) 3d recon BN 87-88, 2d Force CO 89-90, 3d Force CO(reserve) 90-92, 2d Force CO 90/91 (SWA)
Changed my e-mail address. Looking for Pos Rep info on Johnny Brazel and Candice Harte and any other hardchargers I served with.

1/19/2001   19:20   Clayton   NC 
SGT.   Littlejohn,  Scott   0311/8654   1992-1999   MCRD San Diego   1001   Apr   1992 
1st Bn. 2nd Marines from 1993 to 1996; 2D Force Recon Co. from 1996 to 1999
I am looking to see if anyone knows where Dan Lowe is these days? Last I saw him, he was in 2nd Recon Bn., Alpha Co., in 1998. "Hello" to Boyd, Lynch, Pup, River, Guito, Moose, Cadena, Smitty, Bart, Zembiec, Crews, Huggins, Jimmy and Balchun. LJ out!

1/19/2001   00:50   Canby   Or 
1stSgt (ret.)   Bello,  Alex   8654   77/99   MCRD San Diego     Sep   1977 
1st Recon Bn Bco, MWTC, El Salvador, MCSFCo, 2nd Force, 1st Force.
Finally made contact with Jim Lawrence (former 2nd Force member). Any old pals interested in contacting him, email me and I'll forward it. Semper Fi!

1/18/2001   21:30   miami   fl 
E-4   Blackburn,  Julio   8654/2531/0341   1981-1983   MCRD San Diego   1124   Feb   1981 
-------1st Recon Bn.------ Charlie Co. Alpha Co. Deep Recon Platoon

1/18/2001   18:47   Pasadena   TX 
  James,  Ryan     recruit   MCRD San Diego     Jan    
Im just now begining my journey in the marine corp im leaving for mcrd San Diego 29 Jan 2000. I am proud to have a chance to be apart of an organization with so much HONOR, COURAGE, AND COMMITMENT..

1/16/2001   23:11   houston   tx 
  salzmann,  travis       None     Jan    
I'm enlisting next month. I was just saying that I can't wait to be a MARINE!!!!!!! SEMPER FI Travis

1/16/2001   22:03   Davenport   IA 
L/Cpl   Dickinson,  Wellesley   2533   57/61   MCRD San Diego   249   Sep   1958 
Camp Pendleton, CA 1st Force Recon Co.
Anyone who knew Carl "Butch" Likeness 1962-1967 First Force Camp Pendleton First Force Viet Nam Carl is terminally ill, please write him: 2418 Lillie Ave., Davenport, IA 52804 Thank you.

1/15/2001   05:28   Lindenhurst   NY 
Cadet Sergeant   DiMarsico,  Daniel   CADET   3.5 years   Army   Delta   Apr   1997 
1st Marine Corps. District, Marine Corps. Junior Reserve Officer Trainning Corps. Lindenhurst Senior High School, Lindenhurst N.Y.
I think that your website is excellent and I hope that one day I will be a member of it. Semper Fi!

1/14/2001   18:03   Camp Springs   MD 
SGT   Powell,  Davis   0311   1966 1969   MCRD Parris Island     Feb   1966 
I was in the !st force recon team called Killer Kane and blue beard and was in 66 68 in vietnam with Lt. Finlision and some other good men and we all watched each other back
I thank Lt Andrew Finlison for the leadership that he had and all the good men that were with are good outfit. the 5th Platoon

1/14/2001   14:35   Altmar   NY 
Pooly   Schloss,  Weylin   Infantry   June 25,2001   MCRD Parris Island     Sep   2001 
I have not yet gone to recrute training, but I can't wait.

1/14/2001   00:50   Mecosta   MI 
LCPL   Garland,  Jesse   6122   2   MCRD San Diego   2019   Mar   1999 
Stationed in Okinawa Japan with MALS 36

1/12/2001   04:04   Jacksonville   NC 
GYSGT   Moose,  Paul   0369   82-Present   MCRD Parris Island   3076   Nov   1982 
82-89 B-Co.2d Recon BN,89-93 SOTG,93-94 Det Force Oki,94-97 2d Force,97-00 3D SOTG, 00-Present 2D Force
Posrep 2d Force. Det Ops Chf for 24MEU Recon Det ETD April. Return Oct. Retired by Jun 02. To all you recon gurus that I've had the privelege to Operate with Thanx. Bennett, Correll, Bello, Duke,Kerr, Lutat, Frazier,Petit,Sosa,SHOT-OUT!!!!

1/11/2001   20:13   roscoe   pa 
soon to be cadet   Lewis,  zachary       None     Jan    
I have a couple questions can anyone help me? what exactly is a marine recon? and can you be in the marines and still become a SEAL?

1/11/2001   14:32   Fredericksburg   IA 
SSGT   Jacobsen,  Dave   0369   58 -73   MCRD San Diego   269   Nov   1958 
First Force Recon 61 -62 Looking to buy a couple of First Force Company embroidered patches.......Any idea's as to where to look? Thanks and Semper Fi!

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