Box Score team picture, 10 January 1968
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This is a picture of team "Box Score" on 10 January, 1968.  They had captured a POW and were extracted, given a bottle of Champaign (which Sgt. BillyAndress is holding), a steak dinner and a 3 day R&R in DaNang.  It was also the first patrol that Lt. Terry Graves made in Vietnam; in keeping with company policy for new officers Graves did not lead this patrol, Sgt. Andress did, but went along to observe and learn.

On 16 February, 1968, team "Box Score" was practically wiped out!  Graves, R. B. Thomson, Honeycutt, Lopez and Emerick (the last three are not in this team picture as they weren't on this patrol) were KIA.  Slocum and Nation were WIA; the only member of the team not wounded was HM3 Thompson.  Graves was awarded the medal of honor as a result of his actions.

In 1974 a BOQ at the basic school was dedicated to Lt. Graves and is called "Graves Hall."  The basic school intends to rededicate Graves Hall on 26 July, focusing on the team vice Lt. Graves. They feel, as do I, that Marine Officers should be reminded that it is the efforts and performance of the enlisted Marines that ultimately lead to the success or failure of an officer.  I furnished this photo and they will have it on the wall along with the names and citations of all team members.