Former Members of 5th Force Recon Co. Reunite in Las Vegas

We had about 25 guys from 5th Force, who served between 91 and 96, link up in Vegas for the Marine Corps B-day. It was a cool reunion. We stayed at the New Frontier. We hadn't seen each other in about 5-10 years.

Some of us spent more time in the unit than others. I was there from 92-96. When I got to 5th, it was still DetForce. From the picture Kritenbrink, Hill, Carrillo, Brewer, Zavala, Ropp and Davine were there in 91. Trimble, Ryan and myself got orders there from 3rd Recon late in 92. Some got there after I left or tagged along. Not sure when most others got there or left but we all stuck around for a while. Robbie was our S-4 and ran the op. Everyone looked about the same with the exception of Trimble, Ivey and some facial hair. Trimble bleached his hair and Ivey grew is to his ass. Everyone was doing what they were doing when I left, drinking beers. One guy lost his clothes to some bimbo (may not want to print that, not sure how he explain that one when he got home.) We cleared out the ESPN club at the NYNY casino by puking all over the bar. One guy got security called on us due to the fact that some guy didn't like his ladies tongue in Ryan's ear. The team formed up just like old times for that one. A couple guys hit it pretty big. I lost my ass. It was a great time seeing everyone. We are still looking for more of the old guys for next year! (Brad wants to do it in the PI)

Paul "Rosie" Rossano #2620

From left to right, Brad Hill, Shawn Ryan, Jon Davine, Arnulfo Carrillo, Louisianna?, Steve Kritenbrink, Robbie Ropp.

Shawn Ryan, Steve Valgos, Kevin Brewer, Brad Hill, Louisianna?, Steve Kritenbrink, Jason Trimble, Robbie Ropp, Jon Davine, Paul Rossano, Gaspar Zavala, TJ Weidner, Arnulfo Carrillo, Heath Holub, and Parrish.